3820 Vacuum Pack Chicken Breast (18-5oz) Nothing added. The fat is off. It's ready to go. Thaws fast. Keeps for a very long time. Also 16-6 oz available.      $32.90


1887 Vacuum Pack Chicken Breast (16-6 oz.) Nothing added. No fat. Flat Frozen. Thaws fast. $34.90

3221 Seasoned Chicken Breast (24-3.6) We increase the moisture 20 %. Vacuum pack it. No Flavor change. Stays juicy even if overcooked a little. Vacuum Packed.   $32.90

3215 Lemon Herb: (18-5 oz) One of my favorites. Very Mild. Nicely flavored (not lemony) A pleasant herb flavor. Tender & juicy. Vacuum Packed     $34.90

3228 Naturelle Breast Filet (20-4oz) Boneless, Skinless, flat frozen, triple trimmed. Cook from frozen. The Best! Restaurant Item.     $36.90

3225 Naturelle Breast Filet (26-3oz) Boneless, Skinless, flat frozen, triple trimmed. Cook from frozen. The Best! Also.

3235 Chicken Stir Fry Tenders (Apr.60) Natural unprocessed breast strips about 1 oz. each. Grill, broil, stir fry etc. Very convenient. No Fat. Loose in bag.   $29.90


3244 Pre-Cooked Grilled Breast: (26-3 oz.) Excellent, Convenient. Microwave. Mild Grill flavor. $36.90

Grilled Mesquite Chicken Breast. 6 lbs. About 24 filets. Large 5-6 oz filets. Juicy. Tender. Mild flavor.   $38.90
3230 Grilled Chicken Patties. Processed Breast Made for chicken sandwiches. Very Tender. Microwave. (25-2.8 oz.)
3241 Fajita Strips: 5 lbs. Pre-Grilled breast strips with a mild fajita seasoning. Salads, fajitas, stir fry. No fat. No Waste. Loose in Bag. $36.90

812 5 lb Diced Chicken Breast. Available with a mild Grill Flavor or Plain (nothing added) Thaw and eat. 1/4 inch square cut. Excellent. Commercial Item. $36.90
3336 Golden Crispy Chunks About 80-1 oz chunks of precooked chicken breast with a very light Golden Crispy breading.   $36.90

Golden Crispy Breast Filets (24-3.5 oz) Natural, unprocessed chicken breast. Moisture added. precooked. Very Lightly breaded. Excellent. Precooked. $36.90
3315 Golden Crispy Chicken Tenders Lightly Breaded (54-1.5) Very lightly breaded. Very Tender.   Very Good! 20 min.@ 450 deg. Precooked. $36.90
3307 Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Tenders 5lbs.
Extremely light Breading. Precooked Chicken. No Antibiotics. No cages. Vegan Feed. $38.90
3313 Beer Battered Tenders (54-1.5) Bake or Fry. The real McCoy. No going back to the processed stuff after these.$36.90

3320 Chicken Fingers (80-1oz) Processed white meat and a zippy coating. Nothing cheap about this product. I recommend it. 15 min. @ 400 deg. Precooked.        $34.90

3329 Chicken Nuggets White Meat (80) 5 lbs. Precooked, processed, very nice nugget. Solid piece of chicken breast. Lightly breaded. Bake or micro.  $29.90

3326 Cordon Bleu Nuggets 5 lbs. (40) White meat with ham and Swiss cheese. Delicious. Great party item. Unique. Large 2 oz. nuggets.Lightly breaded. Microwave or bake. Precooked. $36.90
3340 Popcorn Chicken Nuggets 4 lbs Bake or Fry. Small chunks of chicken breast in prebrowned breading. Precooked.
3295 Breaded Precooked/Browned Chicken Breast Patties 5 lbs.Processed Whole Grain Breading. Microwave or Bake to reheat.        $29.90
BBQ Glazed Precooked Breaded Unprocessed Chicken Breast Tenders  5 lbs Bake  $34.90
Chicken Wings: Oven Roasted
5 lbs. Fully Cooked. No Breading. Loose in Bag. Bake 30 min at 450. Flavor similar to PaPa Johns.
Also Available in Hot, BBQ, Tequila Lime & Breaded. $36.90

3100 Chicken Cordon Bleu (Supreme)(12-6oz.)
Boneless chicken breast stuffed with premium ham and swiss cheese. Bake 45 min @ 350.   $39.90

3525 Turkey Breast Naturelle (24-4oz) Moisture enhanced, very tender, portion controlled, flat frozen breasts.

3530 Bacon Wrapped Filet (16-5 oz) Moisture enhanced Turkey breast filets wrapped in bacon.           $42.90
3522 Turkey Thigh Pot Roast 6 lbs Fully Cooked. Heat
and eat. Delicious Dark meat.         $29.90

3510 Honey Maple Glazed Turkey Breast  Cooked. Sliced with Glaze packet. Dearborn Product. Excellent. 4.5 lbs Refreezes.   $49.90